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Jane Lambert

On 15 Aug 2013 Robert Griffiths QC, Samuel Okoronkwo, our senior clerk Stephen Broom and I met Vera Helena de Moraes Dantas and David Benoliel of Noronha Abogados. Noronha Abogados is a Brazilian law firm with offices in seven major cities in Brazil and a further eight in the rest of the world including one in London.  Vera is the resident partner of the London office and she is also an English solicitor. I met Vera when she gave a talk on doing business in Brazil at a conference on business in the Americas organized by the North West branch of UK Trade and Investment at Haydock Park over 10 years ago. Whenever I  have had a client who has required advice on Brazilian law I have sent him off to Vera. Vera in turn provided me with some information on Brazilian law for my presentation on"The Coming Economic Downturn: How it will affect inventors and what they can do" 15 Oct 2008.

The reason why we invited Vera and David to our chambers is that we are all sports fa…