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IP and Brexit: the Fashion Industry

Our IP system, which is ranked by TaylorWessing as one of the best in the world (see The Global Intellectual Property Index) consists of some rights that subsist under national law and others that subsist under EU law. When we eventually leave the EU, those rights that subsist under EU law such as the EU trade mark and the Community design will fall away. I discussed those consequences generally in What Sort of IP Framework do we need after Brexit and what are we likely to get?3 July 2016. In this article I consider how those changes will affect the British fashion industry which relies on EU trade marks and Community designs more than most. I have chosen this industry because I have conducted seminars on IP and fashion in London and Leeds (see IP and Fashion Law12 Sept 2015 London IP and Tech, IP and Fashion Seminar - 7 Oct 201520 Sept 2015 and Second Course on IP and the Fashion Industry27 May 2016),

Importance of the British Fashion Industry Fashion is enormously important to the …